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A Name Of Trust since 1978

Want first-class food products and high-quality disposable items for your home or office? Don’t search further! You are sure to find everything you need with FFQ non-food and food suppliers.

" Friendly Food Qatar has been solidly committed to achieving success and acquiring an excellent reputation "


About FFQ

FFQ are recognized non-food and wholesale food suppliers with long-lasting experience in the field and hundreds of devoted customers. After more than 30 years of hard work, commitment and perseverance, we, at Friendly Food Qatar, are still going and growing strong thanks to the constant support we receive from our loyal customers and trusted suppliers.


Since its inception in 1978, Friendly Food Qatar has been solidly committed to achieving success and acquiring an excellent reputation in the marketplace.


Backed by excellent customer care record, high-quality products, and unmatched reliability, we have succeeded in earning our leading position amongst the key players of this vital sector. Being an ISO-certified non-food and food supplier is a bright proof of our unswerving commitment to excellence.

What Differs FFQ from Other Non-Food & Food Suppliers

We are the leading non-food and food suppliers for both public and private sectors who offer second-to-none service in products and disposable items delivery. Our loyal customers throughout Qatar and the MENA region have chosen us because we proudly stand out among the rest wholesale food suppliers for several reasons.

Customer-Centered Approach

Our customers are our primary value. That’s why we treat them with respect and are entirely concerned about their needs. Whatever we do, we try our hardest to meet their highest expectations and cause delight with our services.

Wide Assortment of High-Quality Products

We are Qatar’s non-food and food suppliers with the broadest range of world-class quality products. We offer everything from premium ingredients for cooking and reputed branded snacks to disposable paper and aluminum items and para-medical supplies.

Most Modern Equipment

We have state-of-the-art equipment and use the most innovative technologies while storing and transporting our products. With FFQ wholesale food supplier, you can be sure that the products you order will be delivered fresh and undamaged.

CEO’s Message

Since 1978, the dedication and hard work backed by the loyalty of our valuable customers and suppliers has been pivotal to the steady growth of Friendly Food Qatar W.L.L.

Our success also has a bearing on our service excellence and the adaptation skills of our team of experts to cope with new and challenging market demands.

We have a deep rooted commitment to customer care. Our customers have always appreciated the fact that we carry only highly reliable superior quality products. Friendly Food Qatar is an ISO certified establishment with an abiding drive for bringing you the best consumer products on time, in the best condition.


Quality for You

• To excel in the quality of service, delivering only superior products.


• To always prioritize customer’s needs.


• To be prompt and accurate with delivery schedules.


• To be reliable and friendly.


• To achieve leadership in quality service and product enhancement.


• Listen to our customers and address their needs and requirements with innovative products.


• Commit ourselves to on-time deliveries.


• To be the partner on whom our customers can rely.


Our Beliefs

At the heart of our business, we believe that our people are our assets. We aim at inspiring them to reach their potential and achieve the highest levels of success.


We are Qatar food suppliers who constantly strive to treat our staff, customers, and business partners with complete honesty and integrity and team up with those who share our values.


Quality for Life

We are the best Qatar non-food and food suppliers devoted to our work and clients who aim:


To reach the highest levels of excellence in every aspect of our business by providing our customers in Qatar with high-quality products.


To progress as the best in our business by constantly achieving lofty standards in all dimensions of business.


Quality Policy

• To provide products and services that consistently meet the requirements of our customers, applicable national/international standards, and applicable statutory & regulatory requirements.


• To identify internal and external issues and do risks and opportunities analysis.


• To demonstrate to the stakeholders, the Company's commitment to Quality by the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


• To strive for continual improvement of the effectiveness of our quality management system through the establishment and achievement of our Quality Objectives & Targets.

Customization for your convenience

FFQ non-food and food suppliers have a perfect technically advanced infrastructure combined with highly-qualified human resources to get a specific product customized according to the client’s individual requirement.


We make a conscious effort to treat our staff, customers, and suppliers with due respect and also apply a transparent business tradition.


As an abiding rule, we rely on earning integrity by only engaging in ethical business practices.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Over the years, we have learned the significance of developing a profound corporate culture hinged on mutually enhancing team output.


Working together, we have been able to achieve goals exceeding our own expectations; most of the time.


Friendly Food Qatar has a technically proficient advanced infrastructure coupled with the expert human resource to get a specific product customized to customer’s requirements.

Want to purchase high-quality food products or disposable items from the most reliable non-food and food suppliers in Qatar? Contact us right away to make an order and enjoy safe and fast delivery guaranteed by FFQ.