First-Class Food Products & Disposables in Qatar

Want to purchase the best food products available in Qatar? Need premium disposables for your home or office timely delivered to your doorstep? Friendly Food Qatar is the right place to visit! We offer a wide variety of world-class food products and non-food disposable items at reasonable prices. Whether you need to restock your food supplies or renew the stores of everyday essentials, we are here to serve you. With Friendly Food Qatar, you’ll get only high quality products in the shortest period possible.

Food Products

Sales and distribution of top-quality consumer goods are at the core of FFQ activities. We carry a wide variety of world-class food products to choose from. With Friendly Food Qatar, you can get everything from the necessary ingredients for cooking to tasty snacks and drinks. Our high quality products include:


  • A range of processed meat

Beef, chicken, turkey, etc.


  • A wide array of dairy products

Organic almond, rice, & soy milk; spreadable & block cheese; dairy whipping and piping cream; ice cream powder & vanilla ice cream mix


  • Reputed branded snacks

Corn flakes, Nutkao snacks, potato chips and sticks, hummus chips, corned chips, baked peanut puffs


  • Quality Arabic Specialties

Kubbeh Mosul, Kubbeh toasts, Kubbeh meatballs, Kebbeh Kras, Halloum Burek, Arabic flavored beef burgers, cheese and chicken Sambousik


  • Frozen and Chilled Items

Frozen and chilled beef, chicken, and turkey; frozen potato; frozen cheese rolls & flour tortillas; frozen pastry leaves; frozen fruit, fruit grains, fruit and vegetable puree


  • Canned Products

Tuna in olive, extra virgin olive, and sunflower oil; canned cheese, corned beef, peeled tomatoes, canned fruit (apricots, peaches, pears) 


  • Sweets & Cookies

Milk, dark, and white chocolate bars with fruit, berries, nuts, and biscuit; natural flower, lavender, acacia honey; fruit jams; cocoa and hazelnut spreads; halva, cookies, biscuits, sugar bags


  •  Drinks

Juices, ground & instant coffee, cappuccino, Nesquik 


  • Quick and easy solutions for bouillons, soups, meat sauces, pasta, and seasonings


  • Pet food products for cats and dogs

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Non-Food Items

FFQ also provides a broad range of disposable items.


Non-food Qatar import products include everything from napkins, kitchen, and toilet rolls to make-up pads, cotton balls, and baby-buds.


What’s more, we have the infrastructure and technological know-how to develop customized products when needed.

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Star Products

FFQ are also official distributors of the world-recognized Star Products.


We are pleased to offer disposable paper, aluminum, latex, and vinyl items to our clients.


From food packaging to para-medical supplies, our customers can expect quality like no other. Whatever goods you order, you’ll definitely be delighted with the high quality products you get.


Are you ready to make an order? Have any questions related to non-food or food products we provide? Contact us right away and enjoy the immediate response and the fastest delivery.

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