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Keeping It Fresh

In our relentless quest to perfection, we do not leave a stone unturned in exploiting state-of-the-art facilities and logistics.

In line with implementing the highest international food safety control, we have developed special facilities to preserve and optimize storage according to the nature of our products.

Distinguished for their stand-by support, our warehouses are divided into dry, chilled and frozen divisions to cater to the storage requirements of each unique product. That’s how we keep things fresh.

Respect for delivery schedules

We have an advanced distribution network that is efficiently supported by a large fleet of trucks and delivery vans.

Each vehicle dry, chilled or frozen, goes through stringent regular maintenance procedures and routine up gradations to prevent delivery lags or functional snags.

World class warehousing

To bring you the best in the best possible condition, we have in place one of the most modern warehousing facilities and logistics.

Our quality standards are intact, guided by meticulous International Safety Controls. We have ensured technical applications and procedures to most effectively preserve and optimize storage based on the perishability and shelf life of our products.

Our warehouses are also segregated so that dry, chilled and frozen products are housed appropriately under different conditions to maintain their optimum freshness and shelf life.

Besides, we have a standby support system to counter unforeseen circumstances.