Top-Quality Rio Mare Tuna Products in Qatar


Do you care about your health and the proper, balanced nutrition of your family? Do you enjoy the authentic taste of tuna and can’t imagine your life without delicious fish dishes? Then, you are at the right place! Friendly Food Qatar provides top-quality Rio Mare tuna products that meet the highest international standards. With our food distribution company, you’ll get premium Rio Mare products delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Rio Mare – Second-to-None Taste & Certified Quality


Rio Mare is a worldwide recognized ISO-certified company that produces first-class canned fish for over 40 years. Thousands of Europeans love tender and tasty Italian Rio Mare tuna fish “that can be cut with a breadstick.”  Rio Mare products are exported to over 30 countries. They include tuna fish in olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, tuna in brine, tuna fillets, tuna salads, tuna for pasta, dressed tuna, and tuna spread.


What makes Rio Mare fish products unique is their distinctive pink color, and top quality, which is guaranteed by rigorous checks and a double cleaning process carried out by hand. The unmistakable taste of Rio Mare tuna is enhanced by a pinch of sea salt and Mediterranean olive oil.



Health Benefits of Rio Mare Tuna Consumption


Rio Mare tuna products are not only tasty. They are also highly useful for your health. Did you know that fish is a crucial element of a balanced diet for both children and adults? Actually, regardless of your age, nutritionists recommend consuming fish at least two times a week. Here are several reasons to follow their advice.