Star Products - High-Quality Disposable Items in Qatar


Need top-quality paper products for your home or office? Want the best foil goods for your bakery or restaurant? Looking for disposable items for your pharmacy, clinic, or hospital? Please have a look at the Star products at Friendly Food Qatar! We offer a wide range of everyday essentials for public institutions as well as private companies.

Star Products for Various Needs


Friendly Food Qatar provides its customers with a vast number of disposable items for multiple purposes. Whether you want to purchase everyday essentials for cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, or healthcare, we are ready to serve you.



Paper Star Products


Undoubtedly, it’s entirely impossible to imagine modern life without the everyday paper essentials, which have already become an irreplaceable part of our routine. Nowadays, we just can’t do without such convenient things as hand towels or facial tissues. At Friendly Food Qatar, we offer numerous quality paper disposable items for everyday use. We provide everything from Star tissue paper napkins and toilet rolls to hot/cold paper cups and round doilies. Whether you need a highly absorbing Star hand towel or the softest Star tissue for face, you are sure to find it with FFQ.